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The e-Book Commercial Paper Quiz Questions, commercial paper quiz answers PDF download chapter 5-69 to study online financial markets degree courses. Practice Money Markets MCQ with answers PDF, commercial paper Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Commercial Paper Quiz App Download: Free learning app for commercial paper, foreign bonds, derivative securities market, bankers acceptance, certificates of deposits test prep for online colleges for business administration.

The Quiz Financial instrument which is used to raise funds for working capital is considered as: commercial notes, commercial paper, notes payable and notes receivable with "Commercial Paper" App Download (Free) for master of science in finance. Solve money markets questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online BBA degree.

Commercial Paper Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 69

MCQ 341: The financial instrument which is used to raise funds for working capital is considered as

A) commercial paper
B) commercial notes
C) notes payable
D) notes receivable

MCQ 342: The foreign bonds issued in United States financial institutions are classified as

A) bull dog bonds
B) bull cat bonds
C) Yankee bonds
D) samurai bonds

MCQ 343: The type of contract which involves the exchange of assets that will occur in future at the price settled daily, is classified as

A) spot contract
B) forward contract
C) future contracts
D) present contract

MCQ 344: The bankers acceptance which is usually time draft is fully backed by

A) commercial banks
B) Swiss banks
C) agriculture banks
D) functional banks

MCQ 345: The retail certificate of deposits which are not traded have face value of

A) 250000
B) 100000
C) 150000
D) 200000

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