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Equatorial Diameter of Planets Quiz MCQ Online p. 213

Practice Equatorial Diameter of Planets quiz questions and answers PDF, equatorial diameter of planets trivia questions 213 to learn online Engineering Physics course for online classes. Astronomical Data MCQ questions, Equatorial Diameter of Planets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Equatorial Diameter of Planets Quiz" PDF eBook: interference of waves, equation of continuity, elasticity, uniform circular motion, equatorial diameter of planets test prep for online engineering programs.

"4880 Km is the equatorial diameter of" MCQ PDF: mercury, earth, mars, and pluto for online engineering associate's degree. Solve astronomical data questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college admission.

Trivia Quiz on Equatorial Diameter of Planets MCQs

MCQ: 4880 Km is the equatorial diameter of


MCQ: Centripetal acceleration when directed along a radius is called

radial acceleration
angular acceleration
transnational acceleration

MCQ: Process in which some materials break very sharply, without plastic deformation, is called

brittle failure
ductile failure
minute failure
yield failure

MCQ: SI unit of mass flow rate is

kg m/s3

MCQ: Type of interference in which phase difference is 0 radian is

fully constructive
fully destructive
random interference

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