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Heat of Transformation Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 101

The e-Book Heat of Transformation Quiz Questions, heat of transformation quiz answers PDF download chapter 11-101 to study online physics degree courses. Practice First Law of Thermodynamics MCQ with answers PDF, Heat of Transformation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Heat of Transformation Quiz App Download: Free learning app for newton second law in angular form, unified atomic mass unit, newton second law of rotation, degree of freedom, heat of transformation test prep for job placement test.

The Quiz Melting point of Oxygen is: 14 k, 54.8 k, 273 k and 234 k with "Heat of Transformation" App Download (Free) to study online training courses. Solve first law of thermodynamics questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online high school college acceptance.

Heat of Transformation Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 101

MCQ 501: Melting point of Oxygen is

A) 54.8 K
B) 14 K
C) 273 K
D) 234 K

MCQ 502: Number of degrees of freedom in rotational kinetic energy of diatomic gas molecule is

A) 0
B) 2
C) 4
D) 6

MCQ 503: Relationship between the net external torque and the angular acceleration is

A) Newton's Second Law of Rotation
B) Newton's Second Law of Particles
C) Newton's Second Law of Thermodynamics
D) Newton's Second Law of Electromagnetics

MCQ 504: Proton mass in Kilograms is equals to

A) 9.11x10-31 kg
B) 1.68x10-2 kg
C) 1.67x10-27 kg
D) 1.88x10-28 kg

MCQ 505: By Newton's second law in angular form, if l is angular momentum, torque is equals to

A) dl/dt
B) dlr/dt
C) dt/dr
D) dt/d

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