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Learn Electrical-Mechanical Analog Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Electrical-Mechanical Analog quiz answers PDF to study engineering physics online course for engineering physics classes. Alternating Fields and Currents Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Electrical-Mechanical Analog quiz questions for best online colleges with financial aid. "Electrical-Mechanical Analog MCQ" PDF Book: phase relations for alternating currents and voltages, electrical-mechanical analog test prep for online assessment test for jobs.

"Potential energy of mechanical spring is" MCQ PDF: electrical-mechanical analog with choices 1/2 kx, 1/2 kx2, 1/2 kx3, and kx2 for best online colleges with financial aid. Study electrical-mechanical analog quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for undergraduate engineering schools.

MCQs on Electrical-Mechanical Analog Quiz

MCQ: Potential energy of mechanical spring is

1/2 kx
1/2 kx2
1/2 kx3

MCQ: If m is mass of a specific block and v is the velocity by which block oscillates, then kinetic energy of block is

1/2 mv2
1/2 mv3

MCQ: During LC oscillation, if q is charge and C is capacitance then electrical energy of capacitor is

1/2 (1/C)q2
1/2 Cq2
1/2 Cq3

MCQ: During LC oscillation, if i is current and L is inductance then electrical energy of inductor is

1/2 Li3
1/2 (1/L)i2
1/2 Li2
1/4 Li2