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Schotky Diodes Multiple Choice Questions p. 8

Study Schotky Diodes multiple choice questions and answers, schotky diodes quiz answers PDF 8 to study Electronic Devices course online. Special Purpose Diodes MCQ trivia questions, Schotky Diodes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Schotky Diodes MCQ" PDF eBook: center tapped full wave rectifier, transistor as an amplifier, zener diode: basic operation and applications, varactor diodes, schotky diodes test prep for engineering graduate schools.

"Schottky diode operates only with" MCQ PDF: majority carriers, minority carriers, capacitor, and inductor for college entrance examination. Learn special purpose diodes questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for questions to ask in an interview.

Schotky Diodes Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Schottky diode operates only with

minority carriers
majority carriers

MCQ: Varactor diodes are often used in

RF circuits

MCQ: In order to keep the diode in breakdown region for voltage regulation, we must obtained

maximum forward current
minimum forward current
minimum reverse current
maximum reverse current

MCQ: If voltage gain of amplifier is 20 and base voltage is 100mV then output voltage of an BJT amplifier will be

2 V
20 V
1 V
2 mV

MCQ: In order to obtain an output of voltage with a peak equals to input peak, a step up transformer must be used with a turn ratio 'n' of