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Schotky Diodes MCQ with Answers PDF

Schotky Diodes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Schotky Diodes quiz answers PDF with electronic devices live worksheets for online degrees. Solve special purpose diodes Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Schotky Diodes quiz questions for associate degrees in engineering. Schotky Diodes Interview Questions PDF: optical diodes, zener diode applications, zener diode: basic operation and applications, pin diode test prep for online high school college acceptance.

"Schottky diode operates only with" MCQ PDF on schotky diodes with choices minority carriers, majority carriers, capacitor, and inductor for associate degrees in engineering. Solve schotky diodes quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online engineering associate's degree.

MCQs on Schotky Diodes Quiz

MCQ: Schottky diode operates only with

minority carriers
majority carriers

MCQ: Schottky diodes has junction made up of

metal to n region
p to n region
metal to semiconductor
metal to insulator

MCQ: Schottky diodes are also known as

minority carrier diode
hot carrier diode
majority carrier diode
electrode carrier diode

MCQ: Diode used primarily in high frequency devices and fast switching applications is called

current regulator diode
Schottky diode
PIN diode
Zener diode

MCQ: Diode formed by joining a doped semiconductor region with a metal such as gold, silver or platinum is

current regulator diode
Schottky diode
PIN diode
Zener diode