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BiCMOS Inverter Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 9

The e-Book BiCMOS Inverter Quiz Questions, bicmos inverter quiz answers PDF download chapter 2-9 to study online digital electronics degree courses. Practice BiCMOS Digital Circuits MCQ with answers PDF, BiCMOS Inverter Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The BiCMOS Inverter Quiz App Download: Free learning app for circuit structure, ptl design requirement, sense amplifier component, ecl families, bicmos inverter test prep for engineering graduate schools.

The Quiz At large output current in BiCMOS inverters, voltage developed across internal: collector resistance, gate resistance, emitter resistance and drain resistance with "BiCMOS Inverter" App Download (Free) to learn online educational courses. Solve bicmos digital circuits questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for questions to ask in an interview.

BiCMOS Inverter Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 9

MCQ 41: At large output current in BiCMOS inverters, voltage developed across internal

A) gate resistance
B) collector resistance
C) emitter resistance
D) drain resistance

MCQ 42: ECL 10K series dissipates power per gate of about

A) 20 mW
B) 25 mW
C) 30 mW
D) 35 mW

MCQ 43: Sense amplifier produces full logic swing at

A) input terminal
B) output terminal
C) ground
D) voltage supply

MCQ 44: In PTL, every circuit node has all times a low-resistance path to

A) Vth
B) vi
C) vo

MCQ 45: CMOS inverter circuit has pair of transistors which are

A) two PMOS
B) two BJTs
C) two NMOS
D) two complementary CMOS

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