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The Book CMOS Exclusive OR Gate Quiz Questions and Answers, cmos exclusive or gate MCQ questions PDF chapter 7-71 to download online courses, digital electronics tests. Solve CMOS Logic Gates Circuits MCQ questions, CMOS Exclusive OR Gate Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The App CMOS Exclusive OR Gate MCQs e-Book PDF Download: static characteristics, basic transistor operation, wired capability, transistor structure, cmos exclusive or gate test prep for college entrance examination.

The App MCQ: By applying De Morgan's law to general exclusive OR gate function, we get output bar(Y)= PDF, "CMOS Exclusive OR Gate MCQs" App (Android & iOS) Download with bar(ab)+ab, ab+ab, a bar(b)+bar(ab), and a bar(b)+bar(a)b choices for engineering graduate colleges. Study cmos logic gates circuits questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for engineering graduate schools.

Digital Electronics: CMOS Exclusive OR Gate MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: By applying De Morgan's law to general exclusive OR gate function, we get output bar(Y)=

B) bar(AB)+AB
C) A bar(B)+bar(AB)
D) A bar(B)+bar(A)B

MCQ: The PN junction joining the base region and collector region is called

A) base-emitter junction
B) base-collector junction
C) emitter-collector junction
D) emitter-body junction

MCQ: Wired OR connection can be used to provides gate with

A) low fan-in
B) low fan-out
C) high fan-in
D) high fan-out

MCQ: Region or mode in which emitter and collector regions switch roles is called

A) forward active mode
B) reverse active mode
C) cut-off mode
D) saturation mode

MCQ: In Pseudo-NMOS logic, when the input voltage raise greater than threshold voltage, PMOS is in

A) cutoff region
B) linear region
C) saturation region
D) breakdown region

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