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Transistors and Switches MCQ Questions and Answers PDF - 56

The e-Book Transistors and Switches MCQ Questions, transistors and switches quiz answers PDF download chapter 3-56 to learn online digital electronics degree programs. Solve Bipolar Junction Transistors Test PDF, Transistors and Switches Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Transistors and Switches MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for dynamic logic circuits basic principle, row address decoder, gallium arsenide basics, mos rom, transistors and switches test prep for tricky trivia questions.

The MCQ Quiz Switch is closed when transistor is in: linear region, cutoff region, saturation region and breakdown region with "Transistors and Switches" App APK Download (Free) to study online courses. Study bipolar junction transistors questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for tricky trivia questions.

Transistors and Switches MCQ with Answers PDF Download: Quiz 56

MCQ 276: Switch is closed when transistor is in

A) cutoff region
B) linear region
C) saturation region
D) breakdown region

MCQ 277: Disadvantage of ROM circuit is that it dissipates

A) AC power
B) Dynamic power
C) Static power
D) Dynamic power

MCQ 278: Major disadvantage of GaAs is

A) high speed of operation
B) low speed of operation
C) high power dissipation
D) low power dissipation

MCQ 279: If W represent word lines than Wo=

A) bar(A1)bar(A2)bar(A3)
B) bar(A1)bar(A2)(A3)
C) bar(A1A2A3)
D) bar(A1)bar(A2)+bar(A3)

MCQ 280: In precharge phase, when capacitor is fully charge it becomes equal to

A) input signal
B) output signal
C) supply voltage
D) 2 V

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