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ECL Families MCQ with Answers PDF

ECL Families Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), ECL Families quiz answers PDF with digital electronics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve emitter coupled logic (ecl) Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), ECL Families quiz questions for online engineering associate's degree. ECL Families MCQ PDF: fan out, wired capability, basic gate circuit, ecl families test prep for questions to ask in an interview.

"ECL 10K series dissipates power per gate of about" MCQ PDF on ecl families with choices 20 mw, 25 mw, 30 mw, and 35 mw for online engineering associate's degree. Solve ecl families quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for questions to ask during an interview.

MCQs on ECL Families Quiz

MCQ: ECL 10K series dissipates power per gate of about

20 mW
25 mW
30 mW
35 mW

MCQ: ECL 100K series dissipates power per gate of about

40 mW
50 mW
60 mW
70 mW

MCQ: ECL 100K series features gate propagation delays of the order of

0.20 ns
0.25 ns
0.55 ns
0.75 ns

MCQ: ECL 10k series has edge speed of about

2 ns
2.5 ns
3 ns
3.5 ns

MCQ: Delay product of ECL 10K series is

20 pJ
30 pJ
40 pJ
50 pJ

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