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Types of Logic Families Quiz Questions and Answers PDF | Download eBooks - 163

Solve Types of logic families quiz questions and answers PDF, types of logic families MCQ with answers to practice digital electronics worksheet 163 with online free courses. Practice MOS Digital Circuits quiz questions with answers, types of logic families Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve digital electronics test with answers for online electronics engineering degree. Free types of logic families MCQs, or and xor gates, cmos dynamic operation, building gates from gates, schottky ttl, types of logic families test prep for online career assessment.

"DCFL belongs to logic family", types of logic families Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cmos, bipolar, bicmos, and gaas for university entrance exam. Learn mos digital circuits questions and answers with free online certification courses to learn free online courses.

Quiz on Types of Logic Families PDF Download eBook 163

Types of Logic Families Quiz

MCQ: DCFL belongs to logic family

  1. Bipolar
  2. CMOS
  3. BiCMOS
  4. GaAs


Schottky TTL Quiz

MCQ: Discrete diode clamp circuits to keep transistors from saturating is described by

  1. Richard Baker
  2. James R. Biard
  3. Gordon J.
  4. Charles Darwin


Building Gates from Gates Quiz

MCQ: We can easily build an OR gate from

  1. one NAND gate
  2. two NAND gates
  3. three NAND gates
  4. four NAND gates


CMOS Dynamic Operation Quiz

MCQ: Reduction in propagation delay can be achieve by

  1. decreasing (W/L)
  2. increasing (W/L)
  3. zero (W/L)
  4. no change in (W/L)


OR and XOR Gates Quiz

MCQ: The OR gate output is 0 only when

  1. A=1, B=0
  2. both inputs are zero
  3. both inputs are 1
  4. A=0, B=1