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RTL SR Flip Flop Questions and Answers PDF | Download eBooks 162

Practice Rtl sr flip flop trivia questions and answers, rtl sr flip flop quiz answers PDF to solve digital electronics mock test 162 for online degrees. Practice "BJTs Digital Circuits" trivia questions and answers, rtl sr flip flop Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve digital electronics test with answers for online electronics engineering degree. Free rtl sr flip flop MCQs, combinational and sequential logic circuits, inputs and outputs of ttl gate, transistor switching times, rom introduction, rtl sr flip flop test prep for university entrance exam.

"In SR flip flop, 'SR' stands for", rtl sr flip flop Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices step-rest, set-rest, step-reset, and set-reset for high school entrance exam. Learn bjts digital circuits questions and answers with free online certification courses for top engineering universities.

Trivia Quiz on RTL SR Flip Flop PDF Download eBook 162

RTL SR Flip Flop Quiz

MCQ: In SR flip flop, 'SR' stands for

  1. set-rest
  2. step-rest
  3. step-reset
  4. set-reset


ROM Introduction Quiz

MCQ: Memory which retains its contents when power supply is switched OFF is

  1. ROM
  2. RAM
  3. latch
  4. flip flop


Transistor Switching Times Quiz

MCQ: Time requires the storage charge from base is

  1. delay time
  2. storage time
  3. turn-on time
  4. fall time


Inputs & Outputs of TTL Gate Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following can act as Pull down transistor?

  1. PMOS
  2. NMOS
  3. CMOS
  4. none of others of others


Combinational & Sequential Logic Circuits Quiz

MCQ: A form of memory requires the periodic recharging of capacitor, this process is known as

  1. fresh
  2. refresh
  3. charge
  4. discharge