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PHP and Looping Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 85

Practice PHP and Looping quiz questions and answers, php and looping MCQ with answers PDF 85 to solve PHP mock tests for online college programs. Learn PHP Controls Structures and Functions trivia questions, php and looping Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. PHP and Looping Quiz PDF: basic php constructs for oop, using functions, microsoft windows and apache, multidimensional arrays, php and looping test prep for BSc computer science.

"Which loop evaluates the condition expression as Boolean, if it is true, it executes the statements and when it is false it will terminate?", php and looping Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices for each loop, for loop, while loop, and all of them for free online classes. Practice php controls structures and functions questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online computer science schools.

Quiz on PHP and Looping MCQs


Which loop evaluates the condition expression as Boolean, if it is true, it executes the statements and when it is false it will terminate?

For loop
For each loop
While loop
All of them


Multidimensional arrays are simple arrays that have

One dimensional
Many arrays stored in them
No indexes
1 element


Windows, Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python all of these are categories in

LAMP stack
WAMP stack
CAMP stack
None of them


The basic syntax for calling a function is

function_name (experssion1, expersion2)
(experssion1 : Function_name, expersion2 : Function_name)
(experssion1, expersion2)
None of them


Destruct ( ) function is used to call a


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