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The Book Retrieving Values Test Questions PDF, retrieving values quiz answers PDF, download chapter 12-84 to learn online php course. Solve PHP Multidimensional Arrays Test PDF, Retrieving Values Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Retrieving Values Trivia App Download: filesystem and directory functions, php gotchas, hashing using md5, heredoc syntax, retrieving values test prep for applied computer science.

The Test: Other than index values an array can be retrieved by a function that is called as PDF, "Retrieving Values Test" App APK Download with array_retrive ( ) function, retrieve ( ) function, list ( ) function, and array_call ( ) function choices for online college classes. Study php multidimensional arrays questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for accelerated computer science degree online.

PHP: Retrieving Values MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Other than index values an array can be retrieved by a function that is called as

A) Retrieve ( ) function
B) Array_retrive ( ) function
C) list ( ) function
D) Array_call ( ) function

MCQ: The operator that is used for heredoc syntax

A) < >
B) ??
C) [[ ]]
D) <<<

MCQ: The PHP removes the ereg functions, and prefer using

A) preg functions
B) energ functions
C) leven functions
D) None of them

MCQ: Which path is correct for linking a php file to a web server?

A) file://home/httpd/html/mysite/mypage.php
B) http:// localhost/mysite/mypage.php
C) httpd:// myfile.php/home/html
D) All of them

MCQ: The feof ( ) function is used in

A) for loop
B) while loop
C) switch statement
D) All of them

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