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DBMS Notes and Technology Articles

Embedded and Dynamic SQL Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 8

Practice Embedded and Dynamic SQL quiz questions, embedded and dynamic sql multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare DBMS exam worksheet 8 for online certificate programs. Practice "Introduction to SQL Programming Techniques" quiz with answers, embedded and dynamic sql Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online university degrees. Free embedded and dynamic sql MCQs, information system life cycle, uml class diagrams, three schema architecture, relational database management system, embedded and dynamic sql test prep for computer software engineer online degree.

"In database management systems, the record which contains all the data regarding tuples of database is called", embedded and dynamic sql Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices environment record, statement record, description record, and connection record for computer software engineer. Learn introduction to sql programming techniques questions and answers with free online certification courses to learn online certificate courses.

Embedded & Dynamic SQL Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Embedded and Dynamic SQL Quiz

MCQ: In database management systems, the record which contains all the data regarding tuples of database is called

  1. statement record
  2. environment record
  3. description record
  4. connection record


Relational Database Management System Quiz

MCQ: In relational database management system, the server is classified as

  1. SQL server
  2. SQT server
  3. SQR server
  4. ODBC server


Three Schema Architecture Quiz

MCQ: The architecture of database in which the characteristics such as program insulations, multiple user support and the use of catalogs are achieved is classified as

  1. multiple-schema architecture
  2. single-schema architecture
  3. two-schema architecture
  4. three-schema architecture


UML Class Diagrams Quiz

MCQ: The class diagram, component diagram, object diagram and deployment diagram are considered as types of

  1. structural diagrams
  2. behavioral diagrams
  3. non-behavioral diagrams
  4. non structural diagrams


Information System Life Cycle Quiz

MCQ: The life cycle of information system is also called

  1. mini data life cycle
  2. meta data life cycle
  3. micro life cycle
  4. macro life cycle