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Half Adders Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 60

Practice Half Adders trivia questions and answers, half adders quiz answers PDF to solve digital logic design mock test 60 for online degrees. Practice "Combinational Logics" trivia questions and answers, half adders Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free half adders MCQs, decimal adder, universal gates in combinational logics, shift registers, design with multiplexers, half adders test prep for computer software engineer.

"The most significant bit of arithmetic addition is called", half adders Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices carry, overflow, output, and zero bit for computer science programs. Learn combinational logics questions and answers with free online certification courses for cheapest online computer science degree.

Trivia Quiz on Half Adders PDF Download eBook

Half Adders Quiz

MCQ: The most significant bit of arithmetic addition is called

  1. overflow
  2. carry
  3. output
  4. zero bit


Design With Multiplexers Quiz

MCQ: Design Algorithmic State Machine (ASM) with multiplexers, is the method consists of

  1. 1 levels
  2. 2 levels
  3. 3 levels
  4. 4 levels


Shift Registers Quiz

MCQ: In serial shifting method, data shifting occurs

  1. One bit at a time
  2. simultaneously
  3. Two bit at a time
  4. Four bit at a time


Universal Gates in Combinational Logics Quiz

MCQ: Flip flop are constructed using

  1. AND gate
  2. OR gate
  3. NAND gate
  4. NOR gate


Decimal Adder Quiz

MCQ: Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) adder can be constructed with 3 Integrated Circuits (IC) packages each of

  1. 2bits
  2. 3bits
  3. 4bits
  4. 5bits