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Introduction to Registers Counters Quiz Questions PDF Download - 40

The Book Introduction to Registers Counters Quiz Questions, introduction to registers counters MCQ with answers PDF chapter 11-40 to learn online courses, digital logic design tests. Practice Registers Counters and Memory Units trivia questions, introduction to registers counters Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Introduction to Registers Counters Quiz App Download: introduction to registers counters, adders in dld, dld: sequential circuits, algebraic manipulation, decimal codes test prep for free online classes.

The Quiz: A group of binary cells is known as PDF, "Introduction to Registers Counters" App Download (Free) with register, counter, latch, and flip-flop choices for computer majors. Solve registers counters and memory units questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for best online schools for computer science.

Logic Design: Introduction to Registers Counters Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A group of binary cells is known as

A) counter
B) register
C) latch
D) flip-flop

MCQ: In parts of the processor, adders are used to calculate

A) addresses
B) increment and decrement operator
C) table indices
D) segments

MCQ: IF E=0 in Up-down counter with Enable mode it means that the counter is

A) enable
B) disable
C) running
D) stall

MCQ: The complement of function (A+B+C)' using theorem and laws is

A) (A')+B+C
B) (A+B)'+C
C) A+B+C
D) A'B'C'

MCQ: Decimal number 9 in BCD 8421 coding is equal to

A) 1101
B) 1001
C) 1100
D) 1110

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