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Database Management System Advantages Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 78

Database Management System Advantages interview questions and answers, database management system advantages trivia questions PDF 78 to practice Database Management System exam questions for online classes. Practice Database Management Systems MCQ questions, database management system advantages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Database Management System Advantages Interview Questions: advantages of dbms, database constraints and relational schemas, entity types, sets, attributes and keys, embedded and dynamic sql, database management system advantages test prep for best online schools for computer science.

"One of the module in the database management system which is responsible for choosing efficient execution plan considering queries is considered as" MCQ PDF with choices query processing and optimization, index and glossary optimization, structural optimization, and content optimization for CS major. Learn database management systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for applied computer science.

Trivia Quiz on Database Management System Advantages MCQs

MCQ: One of the module in the database management system which is responsible for choosing efficient execution plan considering queries is considered as

index and glossary optimization
query processing and optimization
structural optimization
content optimization

MCQ: In SQL standard, the variable which is considered as communication variable and is string of five characters is named as


MCQ: The type of attributes that can be easily divided into smaller parts is classified as

derived attributes
simple attributes
composite attributes
atomic attributes

MCQ: When the foreign key refers to a tuple which does not exists in subjected relation then the constraint violated is

modify integrity
referential integrity
inferential integrity
insert integrity

MCQ: In large database management applications, theses customary constraints are classified as

controlled rules
redundancy rules
index rules
business rules

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