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UML Diagrams Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 53

The e-Book UML Diagrams Quiz Questions, uml diagrams quiz answers PDF download chapter 3-53 to study online database management system degree courses. Practice Database Design Methodology and UML Diagrams MCQ with answers PDF, uml diagrams Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The UML Diagrams Quiz App Download: Free learning app for uml diagrams, sql data definition and types, database normalization of relations test prep for online college classes.

The Quiz Diagrams which are used to distribute files, libraries and tables across topology of hardware are called: use case diagrams, deployment diagrams, sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams with "UML Diagrams" App Download (Free) for bachelor's degree in computer science. Solve database design methodology and uml diagrams questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online computer science and engineering.

UML Diagrams Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 53

MCQ 261: The diagrams which are used to distribute files, libraries and tables across topology of hardware are called

A) deployment diagrams
B) use case diagrams
C) sequence diagrams
D) collaboration diagrams

MCQ 262: In fixed length character string CHAR(n), the 'n' represents

A) number of characters
B) maximum number of characters
C) number of rows
D) number of columns

MCQ 263: The relations that are declared in SQL through CREATE VIEW statements are classified as

A) binary relations
B) ternary relations
C) logic relations
D) virtual relations

MCQ 264: The procedure of storing higher normal form relations which are in lower normal form as a base relation is classified as

A) isolation of data
B) de-normalization of data
C) normalization of data
D) denomination of data

MCQ 265: The association between two or more entities in a database system is classified as

A) dynamic association
B) relationship
C) network model
D) record models

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