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Hashing Techniques Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 22

Practice Hashing Techniques quiz questions and answers, hashing techniques MCQs with answers PDF to solve DBMS worksheet 22 for online graduate programs. Practice "Disk Storage, File Structures and Hashing" quiz questions with answers, hashing techniques Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online university degrees. Free hashing techniques MCQs, relational database schemas, eer model concepts, hashing techniques test prep for associates in computer science.

"The hashing technique which allows increase or decrease in number of buckets without a need of directory is classified as", hashing techniques Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices linear hashing, global depth hashing, relative hashing, and local depth hashing for top computer science schools. Learn disk storage, file structures and hashing questions and answers with free online certification courses for online degrees.

Quiz on Hashing Techniques PDF Download eBook

Hashing Techniques Quiz

MCQ: The hashing technique which allows increase or decrease in number of buckets without a need of directory is classified as

  1. global depth hashing
  2. linear hashing
  3. relative hashing
  4. local depth hashing


EER Model Concepts Quiz

MCQ: According to enhanced-entity relationships, the association between super class and subclass is as

  1. super class is subset of subclass
  2. subclass is subset of super class
  3. subclass is partial joint of super class
  4. super class is partial joint of subclass


Hashing Techniques Quiz

MCQ: In linear hashing, the formula used to calculate number of records if the blocking factor, loading factor and file buckets are known is as

  1. r =l + bfr + N
  2. r =l - bfr - N
  3. r =l + bfr - N
  4. r =l * bfr * N


Relational Database Schemas Quiz

MCQ: In the data model schemas, the constraints that are can not be expressed directly are classified as

  1. application based constraints
  2. semantic constraints
  3. business rules
  4. all of above


Normalization: Second Normal Form Quiz

MCQ: The form of dependency in which the set of attributes that are neither a subset of any of the keys nor the candidate key is classified as

  1. transitive dependency
  2. full functional dependency
  3. partial dependency
  4. prime functional dependency