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Constraints in SQL Quiz Answers PDF Download - 21

The e-Book Constraints in SQL Quiz Questions and Answers, constraints in sql MCQ questions PDF chapter 14-21 to download online courses, database management system tests. Solve Schema Definition, Constraints, Queries and Views MCQ questions, constraints in sql Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Constraints in SQL Tests" App Download: constraints in sql, relational operations, eer model concepts, introduction to disk storage, database system environment test prep for computer majors.

The MCQ Quiz "The constraints that are applied on individual tuples and are verified whenever any tuple is modified or new tuple is inserted are called" PDF, Constraints in SQL App APK Download with tuple based constraints, language based constraints, scale based constraints, and precision based constraints choices for online bachelor's degree computer science. Study schema definition, constraints, queries and views questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for master's degree in computer science.

Database Management System: Constraints in SQL MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The constraints that are applied on individual tuples and are verified whenever any tuple is modified or new tuple is inserted are called

A) language based constraints
B) tuple based constraints
C) scale based constraints
D) precision based constraints

MCQ: If matching tuples are not found, the kind of OUTER JOIN operation which keeps all the tuples of first and second relation is classified as


MCQ: The kind of class whose entities belongs to some other data class is called

A) concrete classes
B) abstract classes
C) leaf node classes
D) template classes

MCQ: The storage capacity of computer system is measured in

A) mega bytes
B) kilo bytes
C) tera bytes
D) all of above

MCQ: The compiler which pull out the commands written in host programming language from application program is classified as

A) graphic compiler
B) host compiler
C) precompiled
D) interface compiler

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