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Information System Life Cycle Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 86

Information System Life Cycle multiple choice questions and answers, information system life cycle quiz answers PDF 86 to learn Database Management System course for college certification. Learn Database Design Methodology and UML Diagrams MCQ trivia questions, information system life cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Information System Life Cycle Interview Questions PDF: database management systems, sql data definition and types, specialization and generalization, relationship types, sets and roles, information system life cycle test prep for accelerated computer science degree online.

"The first phase of macro life cycle is" MCQ PDF with choices feasibility analysis, validation testing, requirement collection, and design of database for best online schools for computer science. Solve database design methodology and uml diagrams questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online software development courses.

Information System Life Cycle Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The first phase of macro life cycle is

validation testing
feasibility analysis
requirement collection
design of database

MCQ: In E-R diagrams, the relationship type with three degrees is classified as

binary relationship
ternary relationship
extension association
intension association

MCQ: The type of attributes that are applicable to specific subclasses is classified as

aggregate attributes
segregate attributes
public attributes
local attributes

MCQ: In SQL, the type of character string value which is padded with blank characters to the right side of string is called

fixed length bit-string
literal time stamp
literal string value
fixed length string

MCQ: The single relational algebra expression can be used in sequence of operations by

nesting entities
nesting the attribute
nesting the operations
nesting the elements