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Learn DBMS for Competitive Exams Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), DBMS for Competitive Exams quiz answers PDF to study database systems online course for database systems classes. Database System Architectures Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), DBMS for Competitive Exams quiz questions for applied computer science. "DBMS for Competitive Exams MCQ" PDF Book: server system architecture in dbms, centralized and client server architectures, concurrency control in dbms, dbms worksheet test prep for online degrees.

"While an DDL operation acts on or refers to the object, it is protected by" MCQ PDF: dbms for competitive exams with choices encapsulation, encryption, locking, and views log for applied computer science. Study dbms for competitive exams quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online computer engineering programs.

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MCQ: While an DDL operation acts on or refers to the object, it is protected by

Views log

MCQ: Restricting data access and database activities is the responsibility of

Data concurrency control
Data access control
Data atomicity control
Data integrity control

MCQ: Oracle Database acquires a DDL lock on behalf of?

Explicit action

MCQ: The definition of a schema object is protected through

Data dictionary lock
Data declaration lock
Data definition lock
Data administrator lock

MCQ: The data dictionary cache holds data in the form of