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The e-Book Program Translation Quiz Questions, program translation quiz answers PDF download chapter 34-77 to study online computer architecture degree courses. Practice Storage Systems MCQ with answers PDF, program translation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Program Translation Quiz App Download: Free learning app for program translation, computer code, what is virtual memory, architectural design vectors, cache optimization techniques test prep for online college courses.

The Quiz Squared coefficient of variance, traditionally called: (c)3, (c)2, (s)2 and (s)3 with "Program Translation" App Download (Free) to learn online classes courses. Solve storage systems questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online bachelor's degree computer science.

Program Translation Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 77

MCQ 381: The squared coefficient of variance, traditionally called

A) (C)2
B) (C)3
C) (S)2
D) (S)3

MCQ 382: Code for writing byte from the destination can be written as

A) sb $t0,1($gp)
B) sb $t0,0($gp)
C) lb $t0,0($gp)
D) sb $t0,0($sp)

MCQ 383: The instruction, move $t0, $t1 describes

A) moving $t0 to $t1
B) storing $t0 to $t1
C) moving $t1 to $t0
D) storing $t1 to $t0

MCQ 384: Code for reading byte from the source can be written as

A) lb $t0,1($sp)
B) st $t0,0($sp)
C) lb $t0,0($sp)
D) st $t0,1($sp)

MCQ 385: The processor address's size determines the size of

A) page size
B) cache
C) block
D) virtual memory

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