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Objects in C++ Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook

Practice Objects in c++ quiz questions, objects in c++ multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare online coding exam worksheet 56 for online certificate programs. Practice "Object Oriented Language Characteristics" quiz with answers, objects in c++ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online computer programming. Free objects in c++ MCQs, introduction to strings in c++, what is computer, computer organization, c++ attributes, objects in c++ test prep for online degrees.

"Employees in an office is human's", objects in c++ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices entity, object, data type, and object for applied computer science. Learn object oriented language characteristics questions and answers with free online certification courses for online computer engineering programs.

Objects in C++ Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Objects in C++ Quiz

MCQ: Employees in an office is human's

  1. object
  2. entity
  3. data type
  4. object


C++ Attributes Quiz

MCQ: Attributes are also known as

  1. characteristics
  2. behavior
  3. constants
  4. loops


Computer Organization Quiz

MCQ: Manufacturing section which performs calculations like subtraction, multiplication and addition is termed as

  1. input device
  2. output device
  3. memory unit
  4. ALU


What is Computer Quiz

MCQ: Computers process data under the control of sets of instructions called

  1. Computer programs
  2. Computer functions
  3. Computer software
  4. All of them


Introduction to Strings in C++ Quiz

MCQ: For finding the number of characters in the string, which function is used?

  1. str ( )
  2. str_len ( )
  3. string ( )
  4. strlen ( )