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Classes and Data Abstraction Trivia Questions PDF p. 15

Learn Classes and Data Abstraction trivia questions and answers, classes and data abstraction quiz answers PDF 15 to practice C++ exam questions for online classes. Practice Classes and Data Abstraction MCQ questions bank, classes and data abstraction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Classes and data abstraction Trivia" book PDF: goto statement, oop languages, overloading arithmetic assignment operators, header files, classes and data abstraction test prep for applied computer science.

"When an object goes out of scope, which function is called automatically?", classes and data abstraction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices destructor, constructor, inline, and end of line for online college classes. Learn classes and data abstraction questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accelerated computer science degree online.

Trivia Quiz on Classes and Data Abstraction


When an object goes out of scope, which function is called automatically?

End of line


A header file that contains function prototypes for conversion of data types, is called


A pointer to the object that owns the call of member function in which the expression appears, is called

* this operator
* the operator
Subscript operator
None of them


Language which is called pure object oriented language because everything in it is treated consistently as an object, from primitives such as characters and punctuation, all the way up to whole classes, prototypes, blocks, modules, etc. is



The label in Goto statement is same like

Case in switch statement
Initialization in for loop
Continuation condition in for loop
All of them
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