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Using management by objectives MCQ Quiz Online PDF Download

The Book Using management by objectives Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, Using management by objectives MCQs download to study online bba human resource management certification courses. Study Managers Role in Strategic HRM Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Using management by objectives quiz answers PDF for online degrees. The eBook Using management by objectives MCQ App Download: building high performance work system, types of strategies, strategic management process test prep for online business administration degree classes.

The MCQ: The first step in management by objectives is to PDF, "Using management by objectives" App Download (Free) with set departmental goals, set organizational goals, set individual goals, and discuss departmental goals choices for online degrees. Practice using management by objectives quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online classes business administration.

Management: Using management by objectives MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: The first step in management by objectives is to

A) set departmental goals
B) set organizational goals
C) set individual goals
D) discuss departmental goals

MCQ: In management by objectives, the goals are set by

A) supervisor and subordinates
B) top management
C) departmental managers
D) all of above

MCQ: Downside of management by objectives is

A) time consuming
B) large capital is needed
C) large pool of human capital is required
D) both A and B

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