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Career Management Basics Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 49

Career Management Basics quiz questions and answers, career management basics MCQ with answers PDF 49 to solve Human Resource Management mock tests for online college programs. Solve Coaching, Careers and Talent Management trivia questions, career management basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Career Management Basics Quiz PDF: money and motivation, what is hrm and why it is important, career management basics test prep for online business administration degree.

"The 'coherent career' plan links" MCQ PDF with choices career interests, employee's performance, developmental needs, and all of above for grad cert business administration. Practice coaching, careers and talent management questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for BS degree in business administration.

Quiz on Career Management Basics MCQs

MCQ: The 'coherent career' plan links

employee's performance
career interests
developmental needs
all of above

MCQ: Comparison of employees' actual performance with set standards is involved in


MCQ: The theory, according to which people are motivated in a sequence of hierarchy of needs is called

prepotency process principle
prepotency process principle
process principle
hierarchy principle

MCQ: Improving current and future management performance is called

job rotation
job training
lifelong learning
management development

MCQ: Frederick Herzberg, Abraham and Maslow, gave the theories of

HR system
appraisal system
performance based appraisal

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