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The e-Book Spinning Quiz Questions and Answers, spinning Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 8-75 to study online textile technology degree programs. Solve Raw Stock Opening and Cleaning MCQ Questions PDF, Spinning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Spinning Trivia App Download: Free learning app for post carding lap drawing frame, high preparation, reeling, card operation, spinning test prep for online bachelor degree programs.

The Quiz Computerized system automatically controls: spinning units, production, display of output data with "Spinning" App Download (Android & iOS) Free for accredited distance learning universities. Study raw stock opening and cleaning questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online undergraduate degree.

Spinning Trivia Questions PDF Download: Quiz 75

MCQ 371: Computerized system automatically controls

A) production
B) spinning units
C) display of output data
D) all of above

MCQ 372: The uncontrolled fibers found between feeder cylinder and opener can be picked in

A) bunches
B) blocks
C) bundles
D) all of above

MCQ 373: Skein width can be adjusted up to

A) 100 mm
B) 200 mm
C) 300 mm
D) 400 mm

MCQ 374: Guiding rollers are used for processing rovings of all counts but in particular for

A) small rovings
B) fine rovings
C) coarse ones
D) long fibers

MCQ 375: A lap drawing frame consists of

A) 5 parts
B) 4 parts
C) 3 parts
D) 2 parts

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