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Handheld PCs Quiz Questions with Answers PDF Download - 83

The Handheld PCs Trivia Questions and Answers PDF (Handheld PCs Quiz Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 13-83 to solve Computer Basics Practice Tests. Learn Introduction to Computer Systems MCQ Questions PDF, Handheld PCs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for computer science online programs. The Handheld PCs Trivia App Download: Free learning app for user interface concepts, computers and uses, file transfer protocol (ftp), window desktop elements, handheld pcs test prep for online college classes.

The Trivia MCQ: Some handheld computers contains features of tiny built-in keyboards or microphone that allows; "Handheld PCs" App (iOS & Android) with answers: Data input; Text input; Print input; Voice input; for online college classes. Study Introduction to Computer Systems Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online computer science and engineering.

Handheld PCs Quiz with Answers PDF Download: MCQs 83

MCQ 411:

Some handheld computers contains features of tiny built-in keyboards or microphone that allows

  1. text input
  2. data input
  3. print input
  4. voice input
MCQ 412:

Process of touching an object with computer mouse pointer is called

  1. pausing
  2. dropping
  3. pointing
  4. hovering
MCQ 413:

All of the following are modes of a standard graphical FTP client, except

  1. auto
  2. binary
  3. GIF
  4. ASCII
MCQ 414:

Any computer regardless of its type is controlled by

  1. user
  2. programmed instructions
  3. booting
  4. hardware
MCQ 415:

The main interface in Windows and OS X is an interface

  1. embedded
  2. graphical
  3. command-line
  4. neural

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