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Carding Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download 4

Carding quiz questions and answers, carding MCQs with answers PDF 4 to practice textile designing mock tests for online graduate programs. Learn "Raw Stock Opening and Cleaning" quiz questions with answers, carding Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online colleges that offer certificate programs. Free carding MCQs, post recombing, ring spinning frame, absorption of infrared radiation and raman scattering, card with double comber, carding test prep for online university classes.

"Production rate of carriage 2,250mm deep is", carding Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 1,600 kg/h, 1,700 kg/h, 1,150 kg/h, and 1,800 kg/h for competitive exams for online degree programs.

Quiz on Carding PDF Download 4

Carding Quiz

MCQ: Production rate of carriage 2,250mm deep is

  1. 1,700 kg/h
  2. 1,600 kg/h
  3. 1,150 kg/h
  4. 1,800 kg/h


Card with Double Comber Quiz

MCQ: In operating width of 2500 mm, without drawing unit, count of sliver produced is

  1. 21/45 g/m
  2. 20/43 g/m
  3. 27/45 g/m
  4. 20/45 g/m


Absorption of Infrared Radiation and Raman Scattering Quiz

MCQ: Scattered photon has a

  1. different energy
  2. different frequency
  3. both a and b
  4. different wavenumber


Ring Spinning Frame Quiz

MCQ: On tangential belt system, good quality pensioners are required to ensure tension on each spindle to be

  1. same
  2. different
  3. less
  4. more


Post Recombing Quiz

MCQ: Slivers coming out of machine shows

  1. regularity
  2. irregularity
  3. connection
  4. blending