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Water Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF - 184

The Water MCQ with Answers PDF, Water Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download e-Book Ch. 13-184 to prepare Sociology Practice Tests. Learn Population, Urbanization, and Environment Test PDF, Water Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for accelerated bachelors degree online. The Water MCQ App Download: Free certification app for what is social stratification, ethical concerns, theoretical perspectives on society, access to education, water test prep to learn online certificate courses.

The MCQ Quiz: What percentage of earth is made of water; "Water" App (Play Store & App Store) with answers: 70; 60; 80; 50; for accelerated bachelors degree online. Practice Population, Urbanization, and Environment Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for free online courses.

Water Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 184

MCQ 916: What percentage of the earth is made of water?

  1. 60
  2. 70
  3. 80
  4. 50

MCQ 917: Universal access to education in the United States was set in

  1. 1970
  2. 1972
  3. 1974
  4. 1977

MCQ 918: The three thinkers form the base of 'modern-day' perspectives are

  1. Emile Durkheim
  2. Karl Marx
  3. Max Weber
  4. All of above

MCQ 919: A set of guideline that 'ASA' has established is

  1. Analysis method
  2. Collecting data
  3. Code of Ethics
  4. Code of conduct

MCQ 920: Stratification' is an economic factor based on

  1. Society
  2. Power
  3. Wealth
  4. Gender

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