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Practice Case Study Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Case Study quiz answers PDF to learn sociology online course for sociology classes. Sociological Research Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Case Study quiz questions for distance learning programs. "Case Study MCQ" PDF Book: experiments, participant observation, ethical concerns test prep for best online schools.

"Feral children mimic the behavior and Movement of" MCQ PDF: case study with choices animals, birds, human, and none of them for distance learning programs. Learn case study quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges.

MCQs on Case Study Quiz

MCQ: Feral children mimic the behavior and Movement of

None of them

MCQ: Most sociologists do not use case study as a

Primary research method
Secondary research method
Tertiary research method
Quaternary research method

MCQ: A 'feral child' is also called

Wild Child
Hipper child
Naughty child

MCQ: Feral children' grow up without

Social Contact
A and B

MCQ: A child who grows up isolated from human being is called

Hipper child
Wild Child
Naughty child