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Biological Changes MCQ Quiz Online

Practice Biological Changes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Biological Changes quiz answers PDF to learn sociology online course for sociology classes. Aging and Elderly Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Biological Changes quiz questions for colleges and universities exams. "Biological Changes MCQ" PDF Book: challenges facing elderly, functionalism, biological changes, symbolic interactions test prep for online masters programs.

"Biological factors of 'aging' includes" MCQ PDF: biological changes with choices molecular change, cellular change, a and b, and none of them for colleges and universities exams. Learn biological changes quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges.

MCQs on Biological Changes Quiz

MCQ: Biological factors of 'aging' includes

Molecular change
Cellular change
A and B
None of them

MCQ: Impacts of 'aging' are

Gender specific
Dry skin
Sagging skin
Dull glow

MCQ: Biological factors of 'molecular' and 'cellular' changes are called

Primary aging
Secondary aging
Tertiary aging
Optimal aging

MCQ: Aging' occur due to controlling factors such as

Lack of physical exercise
Poor diet
All of above

MCQ: Aging' is accompanied by

Biological change
Social change
Psychological change
All of above