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Molluscan Characteristics Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 83

Practice Molluscan characteristics trivia questions and answers PDF, molluscan characteristics quiz answers to learn biological science worksheet 83 for online past papers exam. Solve Molluscan Success quiz with answers, molluscan characteristics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for biological science. Free molluscan characteristics MCQs, patterns of organization, class hexapoda, phylum mollusca: class cephalopoda, phylum nematoda, molluscan characteristics test prep for online university.

"The study of similarities and differences in the early development of an animal is called", molluscan characteristics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices comparative embryology, development, embryology, and endocrinology for free online college classes. Learn molluscan success questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online masters programs.

Quizzes on Molluscan Characteristics PDF Download eBook 83

Molluscan Characteristics Quiz

MCQ: Study of similarities and differences in early development of an animal is called

  1. development
  2. comparative embryology
  3. embryology
  4. endocrinology


Phylum Nematoda Quiz

MCQ: Number of roundworm present on earth ranges from 16000 to

  1. 5000000
  2. 20000
  3. 27000
  4. 120000


Phylum Mollusca: Class Cephalopoda Quiz

MCQ: Eyes of cephalopods are similar to eyes of the

  1. vertebrates
  2. invertebrate s
  3. flies
  4. ticks


Class Hexapoda Quiz

MCQ: Tracheoles are intracellular, abundant and metabolically

  1. active tissues
  2. inactive tissues
  3. neutral tissues
  4. smooth tissue


Patterns of Organization Quiz

MCQ: Arrangements of parts of animals around an axis or a certain point are called

  1. point of arrangement
  2. symmetry
  3. design
  4. pattern