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Characteristics of Business Model MCQ with Answers PDF

Characteristics of Business Model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Characteristics of Business Model quiz answers PDF with organizational structure and design career tests for online courses. Practice business model and components Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Characteristics of Business Model quiz questions for online college courses. Characteristics of Business Model MCQ PDF: organizational strategy, characteristics of business model test prep for free online college classes.

"A business model can be checked against quantitative components of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on characteristics of business model with choices 2 types, 3 types, 4 types, and 5 types for online college courses. Practice characteristics of business model quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online degrees.

MCQs on Characteristics of Business Model Quiz

MCQ: A business model can be checked against quantitative components of

2 types
3 types
4 types
5 types

MCQ: A strategy to develop capabilities in the company value chain is called

Value resource
Substitute resource
Strategic resource
Resource modelling

MCQ: Monetizing an idea to make money with some method of operations is known to be

Business model
Business system

MCQ: A tool to identify the operational areas where competencies and capabilities exist is known to be

Value proposition
Value chain
Logistic margin

MCQ: Resources are need to be attuned and strategically deployed in processes to build

Competitive advantage
Both A and B

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