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Tumor Viruses Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 67

Solve Tumor viruses quiz questions and answers PDF, tumor viruses MCQ with answers to practice microbiology worksheet 67 for online job interview. Practice "Clinical Virology" quiz questions with answers, tumor viruses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for microbiology. Free tumor viruses MCQs, minor bacterial pathogens, replication in viruses, tumor viruses test prep for online masters programs.

"The word cancer is derived from the Latin word", tumor viruses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cow, crab, ticks, and bees for online undergraduate degree. Learn clinical virology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online classes.

Quiz on Tumor Viruses PDF Download eBook 67

Tumor Viruses Quiz

MCQ: Word cancer is derived from Latin word

  1. crab
  2. cow
  3. ticks
  4. bees


Replication in Viruses Quiz

MCQ: Site of attachment of rabies virus is

  1. Acetylcholine receptor
  2. CD4 proteins on T lymphocytes
  3. Fibroblast receptor
  4. Wall receptor


Minor Bacterial Pathogens Quiz

MCQ: A gram variable a facultative rod that is causative agent for bacterial vaginosis is named as

  1. Gardnerella vaginalis
  2. Fusobacterium
  3. Eubacteria
  4. Eikenella


Minor Bacterial Pathogens Quiz

MCQ: Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans is found in

  1. Soil
  2. Water
  3. Normal flora
  4. Mud


Gene and Gene Therapy Quiz

MCQ: When exchange of segment between viruses having segmented genome process is known as

  1. Recombination
  2. Transfer
  3. Translation
  4. Reassortment