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Free Host Defenses Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Host Defenses MCQ PDF Download, Book Ch. 12-66 to learn microbiology online courses. Study Pathogenesis quiz answers PDF, Host Defenses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Host Defenses MCQs App Download: Free educational app for structure and growth of fungi, antiviral medications, minor bacterial pathogens, minor viral pathogens, host defenses test prep for online certificate courses.

The MCQs: Alternative name for the polymorphonuclear leukocytes is; "Host Defenses" App Download (iOS & Android) Free with answers erthyrocytes, leukocytes, granulocytes and phages to study microbiology certificate courses. Practice pathogenesis questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online university courses.

Host Defenses Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 66

MCQ 326: The alternative name for the polymorphonuclear leukocytes is

  1. Leukocytes
  2. Erthyrocytes
  3. Granulocytes
  4. Phages

MCQ 327: The paramyxovirus is a causative agent for severe bronchiolitis and pneumonia in young children named as

  1. Lassa virus
  2. Hantavirus
  3. Human Metapmeumovirus
  4. Marburg virus

MCQ 328: Endocarditis is the infection caused by the

  1. Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans
  2. Achromobacter
  3. Actinobacillus
  4. Acintobacter

MCQ 329: Cidofovir is a nucleoside analog of cytosine lacks

  1. Phosphate group
  2. Purine
  3. Ribose sugar
  4. Hydrogen bonds

MCQ 330: The drug that disrupts the mitotic spindle by binding to tubulin and liver toxicity is its side effect is named as

  1. Griseofulvin
  2. Amphotericin B
  3. Terbinafine
  4. Azoles

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