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DNA Nonenveloped Viruses Quiz Answers PDF - 51

The Book DNA Nonenveloped Viruses Quiz Questions and Answers, dna nonenveloped viruses Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 4-51 to download online microbiology course. Solve Clinical Virology MCQ Questions PDF, DNA Nonenveloped Viruses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook DNA Nonenveloped Viruses Quizzes App Download: structure and growth of fungi, chemical agents, gram positive cocci, medically important viruses classification, dna nonenveloped viruses test prep for distance learning programs.

The Quiz: Faecal-oral and respiratory tract is the mode of transmission for PDF, "DNA Nonenveloped Viruses" App (Android & iOS) Download with congo virus, herpesvirus, ebola, and adenovirus choices for accredited distance learning universities. Study clinical virology questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online college courses.

Microbiology Quiz Online: DNA Nonenveloped Viruses MCQs PDF Download - 51

MCQ: Faecal-oral and respiratory tract is the mode of transmission for

A) Herpesvirus
B) Congo virus
C) Ebola
D) Adenovirus

MCQ: The word filo used in the name of family filoviruses resembles with

A) Thread
B) Whip
C) Round
D) Wrinkle

MCQ: The golden color of the S. aureus is due to the pigment named as

A) Chloroplast
B) Carotenoids
C) Chromoplast
D) Xanthophyll

MCQ: For the purification of swimming pools and water supplies of chemical used is

A) Alcohol
B) Chlorine
C) Iodine
D) Heavy metals

MCQ: The fungal cell membrane in contrast to the human cell membrane is composed of

A) Sterol
B) Cholesterol
C) Egrosterol
D) Lipids

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