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The Skeletal Muscles Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Skeletal Muscles Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book download Ch. 26-97 to prepare Histology Practice Tests. Solve Muscular Tissue MCQ with answers PDF, Skeletal Muscles Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college courses. The Skeletal Muscles Quiz App: Free download learning app for cytoplasm, dense connective tissues, bone matrix, connective tissue cells, skeletal muscles test prep for colleges that offer online degrees.

The Quiz: Cytoplasm of muscle fiber is named as; "Skeletal Muscles" App Download (Free) with answers: Sarcolemma; Sarcoplasm; Sarcodina; Neoplasm; for online college courses. Learn Muscular Tissue Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample to learn online courses.

Skeletal Muscles Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 97

MCQ 481:

The cytoplasm of the muscle fiber is named as

  1. sarcoplasm
  2. sarcolemma
  3. sarcodina
  4. neoplasm
MCQ 482:

The cells that enter the connective tissues via bloodstreams are named as

  1. resident cells
  2. fixed cells
  3. migrant cells
  4. mesenchymal cells
MCQ 483:

The organic components of the bone matrix, captivated with

  1. collagen
  2. proteoglycan
  3. glycoproteins
  4. all of above
MCQ 484:

Dense collective tissues, may be having

  1. regular connective tissues only
  2. irregular connective tissues only
  3. compact tissues
  4. regular and irregular connective tissues
MCQ 485:

The main component of the cytosol is known as

  1. protein
  2. gel
  3. carbohydrates
  4. water

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