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Vitamins: History and Nomenclature MCQ Questions PDF - 6

The Book Vitamins History and Nomenclature Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), vitamins history and nomenclature MCQs Quiz PDF download chapter 7-6 to learn online biochemistry degree programs. Study Vitamins quiz answers PDF, Vitamins History and Nomenclature Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Vitamins: History and Nomenclature MCQs App Download: vitamin-like compounds: choline, inositol, lipoic acid, pare aminobenzoic acid, bioflavonoids, history, functions and components of nucleic acids, vitamins: history and nomenclature test prep for best online universities.

The MCQs: The use of the vitamin A, B and C was explained by; PDF, "Vitamins: History and Nomenclature" App (iOS & Android) Free with watson and crick, mccollum and davis, mendel, and donald choices for online bachelor degree programs. Practice vitamins questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for accredited online degree programs.

Biochemistry MCQ: Vitamins: History and Nomenclature Quiz PDF Download - 6

MCQ: The use of the vitamin A, B and C was explained by;

A) McCollum and Davis
B) Watson and Crick
C) Mendel
D) Donald

MCQ: Phosphate 'moiety' is present in the;

A) Nucleoside
B) Nucleotides
C) Nucleotide monophosphate
D) All of them

MCQ: A component of the lecithin that is involved in the membrane structure and transport of lipids is called:

A) Inositol
B) Choline
C) Lipoic acid
D) Lipids

MCQ: Sterol' means;

A) Liquid alcohol
B) Gaseous alcohol
C) Solid alcohol
D) Posinous alcohol

MCQ: Waxes are used in preparation of;

A) Cosmetics
B) Candles
C) Ointments
D) Medicines

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