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The Pathogenesis MCQ with Answers PDF, Pathogenesis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download e-Book Ch. 12-8 to prepare Microbiology Practice Tests. Learn Pathogenesis Test PDF, Pathogenesis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for best online colleges. The Pathogenesis MCQ App Download: Free certification app for medically important viruses classification, physical agents, minor bacterial pathogens, minor protozoan pathogens, pathogenesis test prep to study e-learning courses.

The MCQ Quiz: Reservoir for avian influenza virus is; "Pathogenesis" App (Play Store & App Store) with answers: Fowls only; Chickens only; Sparrows; Chickens and Fowls; for best online colleges. Practice Pathogenesis Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online college classes.

Pathogenesis Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 8

MCQ 36:

The reservoir for the avian influenza virus is

  1. Chickens only
  2. Fowls only
  3. Sparrows
  4. Chickens and Fowls
MCQ 37:

The only ciliated protozoan that causes diarrhea in human is

  1. Babesia
  2. Cyclospora
  3. Balantidium
  4. Isospora
MCQ 38:

In premature infants, the sepsis and meningitis is caused by

  1. Chryseobavterium meningosepticum
  2. Ehrlichia equi
  3. Citrobacter
  4. Chromobacter
MCQ 39:

The temperature range for pasteurization is

  1. 60 °C-70 °C
  2. 62 °C-72 °C
  3. 65 °C-75 °C
  4. 121 °C-130 °C
MCQ 40:

In Rhabdoviruses the term rhabdo refers to as

  1. Bread shaped
  2. Bullet shaped
  3. Brick shaped
  4. Bead shaped

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