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SAT Physics: Radiations Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook 64

Practice SAT Physics Radiations quiz questions and answers, sat physics radiations MCQs with answers PDF to solve SAT physics worksheet 64 for online graduate programs. College board SAT preparation with "Transfer of Thermal Energy" quiz questions with answers, sat physics radiations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve college board physics quiz questions with answers. Free sat physics: radiations MCQs, career aptitude test on evaporation, acceleration of free fall, mass and weight, physical quantities and si units, sat physics: radiations test prep for questions to ask during an interview.

"Thermal energy from infrared waves is called", sat physics radiations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices radiant heat, converted heat, convection heat, and potential heat for online high school and college acceptance. Learn transfer of thermal energy questions and answers with free online certification courses for questions to ask during an interview.

Quiz on SAT Physics: Radiations PDF Download eBook

SAT Physics: Radiations Quiz

MCQ: Thermal energy from infrared waves is called

  1. converted heat
  2. radiant heat
  3. convection heat
  4. potential heat


Physical Quantities and SI Units Quiz

MCQ: The distance between air molecules is

  1. 1 ×10-8 m
  2. 1 ×10-4 m
  3. 1 ×10-3 m
  4. 1 ×10-6 m


Mass and Weight Quiz

MCQ: On Moon the gravitational field strength is about

  1. 3.5 N kg-1
  2. 10 N kg-1
  3. 1.6 N kg-1
  4. 5 N kg-1


Acceleration of Free Fall Quiz

MCQ: All objects falling under gravity acceleration at the same

  1. constant rate
  2. negative rate
  3. increasing rate
  4. decreasing rate


Evaporation Quiz

MCQ: The specific latent heat of vaporization is 2.25 × 106 J kg-1.If a man generates 800 J of heat every second by running, and half heat is lost from the body by evaporation, what is the mass of water evaporated in a 2 hour running?

  1. 2 kg
  2. 1.28 kg
  3. 3.2 kg
  4. 1.67 kg