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Latent Heat MCQ with Answers PDF

Latent Heat Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Latent Heat quiz answers PDF with sat physics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve thermal properties of matter Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Latent Heat quiz questions for online career assessment. Latent Heat MCQ PDF: boiling and condensation, evaporation, latent heat, sat physics subjective test test prep for free SAT prep classes.

"The energy released or absorbed during a change of state is known as" MCQ PDF on latent heat with choices fusion, kinetic energy, thermal heat, and latent heat for online career assessment. Solve latent heat quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college admission.

MCQs on Latent Heat Quiz

MCQ: The energy released or absorbed during a change of state is known as

kinetic energy
thermal heat
latent heat

MCQ: The unit of specific latent heat of fusion(lv) is

J Kg-1
kg m-3

MCQ: The unit of latent heat of fusion(Lv) is

kg m-3

MCQ: A jet of steam at 150 °C is directed at a large block of ice for some time at 0 °C. Some steam condenses to form water and some ice is melted. The condensed steam forms 0.6 kg of water at 0 °C. The specific latent heat of water is 2200 kJ kg-1. What is the thermal energy given out by this mass of steam in changing to water at 100 °C?

1320 kJ
1150 Kj
2020 kJ
3666 kJ

MCQ: The unit of specific latent heat of fusion(lf) is

J Kg-1
kg m-3

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