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Nervous System of Mammals Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook 26

Practice Nervous System of Mammals quiz questions, nervous system of mammals multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prep SAT biology exam worksheet 26 for online certificate programs. College board SAT preparation with "Nervous System in Mammals" quiz with answers, nervous system of mammals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve college board biology quiz questions with answers. Free nervous system of mammals MCQs, career aptitude test on digestion in humans, deforestation, moving water against gravity, mammalian digestive system, nervous system of mammals test prep for online high school and college acceptance.

"The unconscious and immediate response to a stimulus is", nervous system of mammals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices reflex action, voluntary action, knee jerk, and reflex arc for best online colleges. Learn nervous system in mammals questions and answers with free online certification courses for college admission test.

Nervous System of Mammals Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Nervous System of Mammals Quiz

MCQ: The unconscious and immediate response to a stimulus is

  1. Voluntary action
  2. Reflex action
  3. Knee jerk
  4. Reflex arc


Mammalian Digestive System Quiz

MCQ: Sub mucous layer consists of connective tissues and

  1. blood vessels
  2. blood arteries
  3. blood capillaries
  4. valves


Moving Water against gravity Quiz

MCQ: Excessive transpiration causes cells to lose their turgidity, become flaccid and plant

  1. wilts
  2. strong
  3. fresh
  4. dead


Deforestation Quiz

MCQ: A freshwater pond discoloured by

  1. Fungal bloom
  2. An algae bloom
  3. Bacterial bloom
  4. Viral bloom


Digestion in Humans Quiz

MCQ: HCl in gastric juice has ph of

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4