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Need for Homeostasis MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Solve Need for Homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), need for homeostasis quiz answers PDF worksheet, SAT biology test for online degree programs. Practice homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Need for Homeostasis" quiz questions and answers for online career assessment. Learn homeostasis test prep for free online SAT prep.

"When more ADH secreted, urine production is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on need for homeostasis with choices more, less, double, and balance for online career assessment. Practice need for homeostasis quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for college admission test.

MCQs on Need for Homeostasis PDF Download

MCQ: When more ADH secreted, urine production is

  1. More
  2. Less
  3. Double
  4. Balance


MCQ: Insulin is secreted by pancreas to balance the concentration of

  1. Lipids
  2. Starch
  3. Glucose
  4. Protiens


MCQ: The red blood cells and white blood cells will shrink if glucose level

  1. Increase
  2. Decrease
  3. Drop
  4. Balance


MCQ: The pancreas act as a receptor when there is a change in

  1. Protein concentration
  2. Lipid concentration
  3. Starch concentration
  4. Glucose concentration


MCQ: If there is reduction in water potential, there is increase in

  1. Osmotic pressure
  2. Root pressure
  3. Gravity pressure
  4. Air pressure