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Mixed Organizational Systems MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Mixed Organizational Systems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), mixed organizational systems quiz answers PDF worksheet, project management test for online PMP certification. Solve projects and organizational structure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Mixed Organizational Systems" quiz questions and answers for online MBA programs. Learn pure project organization, mixed organizational systems, project team test prep for best business schools in the world.

"Pure functional and pure project organizations may" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on mixed organizational systems with choices cooperate, coexist, collaborate, and oppose for online MBA programs. Solve mixed organizational systems quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online business schools.

MCQs on Mixed Organizational Systems PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Pure functional and pure project organizations may

  1. Cooperate
  2. Coexist
  3. Collaborate
  4. Oppose


MCQ: Pure functional and pure project organizations results in

  1. Stable form
  2. Unstable form
  3. Mixed form
  4. Virtual form


MCQ: In Hybridization, dissimilar groupings within the same accountability center tend to encourage

  1. Overlap
  2. Duplication
  3. Friction
  4. All of the above


MCQ: Software projects often occur in

  1. Chunks
  2. Bits
  3. Clusters
  4. Segments


MCQ: Hybridization enables the firm to meet special problems by appropriate adaptation of its

  1. Quality
  2. Structure
  3. Performance
  4. Strategy