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Scalar and Vector MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Scalar and Vector Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Scalar and Vector quiz answers PDF to study online courses, o level physics tests. Practice Forces in Physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Scalar and Vector quiz questions for ACT prep classes. The App Scalar and Vector MCQ e-Book PDF Download: forces and motion, introduction to forces, balanced forces and unbalanced forces test prep for online colleges that offer financial aid.

The MCQ: Displacement is a PDF, "Scalar and Vector MCQ" App Download (Free) with scalar quantity, vector quantity, base quantity, and derived quantity choices for ACT prep classes. Study scalar and vector quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for colleges that offer online classes.

Physics: Scalar and Vector MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Displacement is a

A) Scalar quantity
B) Vector quantity
C) Base quantity
D) Derived quantity

MCQ: Adding of two vectors to get a single vector is termed as

A) Final vector
B) Resultant vector
C) Dominant vector
D) Recessive vector

MCQ: In scalar, there is only addition and subtraction of

A) Number
B) Number according to direction
C) Number according to unit
D) B and C both

MCQ: Volume is a

A) Scalar quantity
B) Vector quantity
C) Base quantity
D) Derived quantity

MCQ: If two forces of 20 N towards north and 12 N towards south are acting on an object. The resultant force will be

A) 32 N toward north
B) 20 N towards north
C) 32 N towards south
D) 8 N towards north

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