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Efficiency O Level Physics MCQ with Answers PDF

Efficiency O Level Physics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Efficiency O Level Physics quiz answers PDF with o level physics career tests for online courses. Practice energy, work and power Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Efficiency O Level Physics quiz questions for online college courses. Efficiency O Level Physics MCQ PDF: energy and units, efficiency: o level physics, work and energy test prep for best online ACT prep class.

"Output of a truck is 4500 J and its efficiency is 50%, the input energy provided to the truck is" MCQ PDF on efficiency: o level physics with choices 5000 j, 900 j, 9000 j, and 500 j for online college courses. Practice efficiency o level physics quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

MCQs on Efficiency O Level Physics Quiz

MCQ: Output of a truck is 4500 J and its efficiency is 50%, the input energy provided to the truck is

5000 J
900 J
9000 J
500 J

MCQ: In a typical power station, amid a series of energy transfers and conversions, about 70% of the energy input gets wasted in the form of thermal energy, the efficiency of such a power station is about


MCQ: A car uses total energy of 2500 J and the output is 750 J. The efficiency of the car is


MCQ: Formula for efficiency is

(energy input / energy output) × 100
(energy input / energy output) × 100
(useful energy input / energy output) × 100
(useful energy output / total energy input) × 100

MCQ: Efficiency of a machine is measured by

(Wasted Energy Output ⁄ Energy Input) × 100 %
(Energy Input ⁄ Wasted Energy Output) × 100 %
(Useful Energy Output ⁄ Energy Input) × 100 %
(Energy Input ⁄ Useful Energy Output) × 100 %

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