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Principle of Moment Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 8

Principle of Moment multiple choice questions and answers, principle of moment quiz answers PDF 8 to learn O Level Physics course for college certification. Learn Turning Effects of Forces MCQ trivia questions, principle of moment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Principle of Moment MCQ PDF: forces and motion, work and energy, stability, melting and solidification, principle of moment test prep for best ACT prep courses online.

"As we have learnt that Moment of force is F × d, so the formula for weight in relevance to moment of force will be" MCQ PDF with choices mg/d, mg × d, mg + d, and mg - d for schools that offer online degrees. Solve turning effects of forces questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for ACT subject tests.

Principle of Moment Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: As we have learnt that Moment of force is F × d, so the formula for weight in relevance to moment of force will be

mg × d
mg + d
mg - d

MCQ: A pure substance would freeze or solidify at its

boiling point
condensation point
melting point
sublimation point

MCQ: Reference to the ability of an object to return to its original position after it has been tilted slightly is termed as

Centre of gravity
Turning effect

MCQ: Potential energy and kinetic energy are types of

Electrical energy
Magnetic energy
Thermal energy
Mechanical energy

MCQ: Formula of force is

F = P/A, where P is pressure and A is area
F = ms, where m is mass and s is speed
F = ma, where m is mass and a is acceleration
F = m/v, where m is mass and v is velocity

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